Writing with a Bent Nib Series

INCLUDES ALL 5 CLASSES by Randall M. Hasson. Special pricing: Pay once OR by installment

Writing with a Bent Nib is a five-part series of online classes from Randall M. Hasson that will make you fall in love with the square, round and oval-shaped pen nibs. For more information on the series, please visit Randall’s Writing with a Bent Nib page on our website.

On this page you can purchase the entire series for a one-time payment of $400 – OR choose six monthly installments ($420). By enrolling in the series “bundle” you will automatically be enrolled in each class as it is produced over the next few months. We will email students as each class comes online, and you'll never have to go through checkout again! At the reduced price of $80 per class, we think the bundle price is a great offer.

Each class in the series can also be purchased separately for $100. Class #2 – The Speedball A Series Nib – is available NOW! Class #1 – Vintage Lettering Styles – will be next in line.  

Our Frequently Asked Questions page covers how our classes work. If you have any others questions, please contact us by clicking  Support above.

Randall M. Hasson

Series Pricing

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    Six-month installment plan ($420 total, $80 savings)

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