Write on Calligraphers – The A Nib Experience

Hybrid workshop includes the A Nib class & 2 Live Sessions. Check here for replays of the Live Sessions (May 2, June 5)

Students ALREADY enrolled in the A Nib class may purchase the two add-on live sessions and study group zoom sessions with WOC for just $20. Check your email (dated April 28) for the coupon code and Redeem it in the Checkout page. 

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The A Nib Experience with Randall M. Hasson

Thank you for enrolling in the Writing with a Bent Nib - The A Nib Experience hybrid class with Randall Hasson, hosted by Write On Calligraphers and Sandia Workshops.

This class page you are viewing now is an add-on class created to host ONLY the two replays for the Live sessions (May 2 and Saturday, June 5), that Randall is hosting. You will receive an email to register for these live sessions. 

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The A Nib Experience Schedule of Events

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Note that Lisa Tsang hosted three additional study sessions over Zoom (Tuesday, May 18 and 25, and June 1). Replays are posted in this classroom.

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The Speedball A Series Nib is the second class in the Writing with a Bent Nib five-part series by Randall Hasson.

Course Curriculum

Julie Gray

“Great course! Not only for beginners, but as a good refresher for experienced copperplate calligraphers. Barbara makes everything clear, concise and professional. A nicely produced online class for everyone interested in pointed pen.”

How It Works

You are enrolled in this private add-on class to The Speedball A Series Nib class. After the Live Session on November 8, you will have immediate access to all the lessons in this class. You can watch the lessons at your own pace as your schedule allows.

You will also be invited to a Closed Facebook Group where you can meet your fellow students.